Engagement Shoot at Ardkinglas House, Argyll

Engagement Shoot at Ardkinglas House, Argyll

I had the privilege to do an Engagement Shoot at Ardkinglas House, Argyll for the beautiful Lindsay & Russell before their Wedding there next week.

This was my first time on the estate and I have to admit I was thrilled by what I have at my disposal for photographing their Wedding day. The House itself has stunning spiral staircases with large lawns, a water fountain, small ponds, large gardens, and a huge amount of woodland that the Gruffalo Trail runs through .

So as Russell & Lindsay walked me through the grounds showing me what was getting setup where I decided to take some shots of the happy couple.

I didn’t want to take too many images on this shoot as I didn’t want to repeat the images again for the Wedding Album and ruin the initial surprise for anyone viewing it but it was hard to resist with a beautiful couple and stunning location not to.

I’m really looking forward to shooting the Wedding, and I have to admit that it’s my first outdoor ceremony that I will have photographed and after doing a walk through with Russell & Lindsay it’s going to be amazing.

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