Long Exposure Sunset at Knockangle Point, Islay

Long Exposure Sunset at Knockangle Point, Islay

A quick trip to catch a Long Exposure Sunset at Knockangle Point, Islay to test my new 10 stop nd filter last night could not be passed up with the amount of clouds in the sky and the potential for some nice hues off the sunset.

As always I had an idea in my head as to what I wanted the final image to look like but when I got to the location I was photographing from the tide was too high to capture the stones that usually lie there so a quick scout around to see what else I could come up with was required.

I’ve got to admit having shot down here quite a bit I found it a struggle to get a new vantage point so ended up back up on the rocks I usually shoot from.

Once I got setup and waited to the light to be favourable I hit the exposure settings I always aim for when I start my long exposures with my 10 stop on, 1/15th of a second, this will give me at least a 1 minute exposure, but that depends on the highlights. Sometimes there is just too much reflection in some of the clouds and totally blows the highlights out so patience is required to get the right lighting conditions.

So a couple of images shot for 1 min were looking good, so I waited a bit longer to get a 4 minute exposure so I could capture some decent cloud movement and to smooth out the water a bit. I didn’t want to go any longer as the wind was picking up plus the waves were hitting the rocks pretty hard throwing water up onto the tripod, I didn’t want to push my luck much longer.

Long Exposure Sunset at Knockangle Point, Islay

At first I wasn’t too happy with the in camera image but once I got back and worked on it in post editing in Lightroom and Photoshop I was much happier.

I can happily say that I’m happy with the new filter, it’s been a while since I used a screw in filter as I tend to find them to fidgety and give off colour but this one from Hoya gave off no colour cast that I noticed.


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