Aurora at The American Monument, Islay

Aurora at The American Monument, Islay

It was not my intention to capture the Aurora at The American Monument, Islay, I headed down there to do a Milky Way shoot, with a Plan B of capturing some of the meteoroid’s from the Virginids meteor shower, there was no original Plan C.

Enroute, things were not looking too good for my shoot as there was still some big clouds in the sky so Plan B was starting to look more favourable the closer I got, and after parking up and walking to the monument I could tell it was still to early to do the Milky Way so when I arrived I positioned to capture the meteor shower straight away.

After a few images of nothing too great something caught my peripheral vision, as I turned round the sky was glowing from the Aurora. I had checked the Aurora forecast but it wasn’t showing anything so I really wasn’t expecting what I was seeing.

I have to admit I’m not one for capturing the Northern Lights, but I was in awe of the sky this night as the Aurora Dancers were clearly visible to the naked eye and had me hooked, there went Plan’s A & B and straight to Plan C. I’ll hopefully capture the meteor shower in the future as long as we get similar conditions.

I repositioned to get the best vantage point I thought at the time but in hindsight my position could have been better as the images have a bit of distortion to them with the wide angle but I’m fairly new to Aurora Photography so I can deal with that.

So the images below are just some of the results from the shoot, I hope you like them and feel free to share.


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