Milky Way From Islay

Milky Way From Islay

A post for the ‘Time’ theme in the weekly photo challenge is a few of the images taken of the Milky Way From Islay a while back. One of the image is an original edit that I had done but never posted as I preferred the alternative edit that I had created but feel it fits well in this weeks theme.

My take on the theme is personally when I look up at the night sky that’s when I realise that’s where it all began, a long time ago and can stare at the sky for hours, which when photographing is what I end up doing, probably spend more time looking at the sky rather than photographing it lol.

One day eventually I’m going to get into Deep Space Photography, however that is on hold for the time being until I can justify the costs of the equipment, but some of the deep space images amaze me, and the fact the we are able to capture these ourselves form earth with basically a DSLR, Scope, and a few other bits and bobs is fantastic.

But for the time being you will have to do with my Milky Way shots in this post, so I hop you like these.

Milky Way From Islay


Not exactly happy with the image below but I’ll post it anyway as the lights from Bowmore (low left), Port Charlotte (centre) and Bruchladdich (low centre right) are too over exposed but they had to be sacrificed to capture the light from the stars. Perhaps an image to reattempt in the future.

Milky Way From Islay


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  1. These are beautiful shots and great for the challenge. Like you, I would love to get into Astro photography. The university of Arizona observatoryon mount Lemmon near Tucson, Arizona is the most amazing place and the photographer Adam Block is inspirational

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