Knockangle Point, Islay

Knockangle Point, Islay

A quick trip down to Knockangle Point, Islay today to see if I could emulate an image that I took a few years back that I subsequently deleted, and it happened to be one of my favourites so every time I’m down there I always take a wee stroll optimistically to see if I can get my image.

It’s funny, after I edited the first image I remember thinking if I shoot this again I’ll shoot it differently, but now I just wish I had made a backup of the original lol. I have tried shooting from as many different positions but still not happy with what I’m getting.

Today was no different as the images below show, conditions started off in my favour with a nice layer of cloud but quickly cleared away and proved to bright for my exposure settings to get the wave just right but it was still good fun to get out with the camera as I hadn’t been out for a while.

Knockangle Point, Islay

I had to put my 10 stop filter on to get the 0.3 second exposure here, shot at f3.5 ISO 400. The 10 stop was the only filter I had with me hence my settings otherwise I would have been at a higher f stop and lower ISO.

So obviously given the cloud the way it was I had to do a long exposure, 62 seconds at f18 ISO 100.

Knockangle Point, Islay

Knockangle Point, Islay

Now I love Black and White Photography but out of the two above I have to go with the colour version, although I did desaturate it a little in post editing in Photoshop. I would have liked longer than the 62 seconds but that break in the layer of cloud would have just totally blown out, although I could have fixed that in post editing I have gotten lazy in post and try to capture my images with the settings all good in the camera.

So another shoot and my image still eludes me but I remain optimistic.




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