Dog Portrait Photography

Dog Portrait Photography

So I remember a time when a few years ago when I bought my first DSLR saying I will not be doing any Portrait Photography, especially of children let alone Dog Portrait Photography! Well fast forward a few years and after umpteen Portrait session’s I was finally asked to photograph pets…Horrified at first but obviously looked forward to the challenge, and I had so many ways how this shoot was going to go in my head…got to say had them pretty much had them all covered apart from me getting bitten lol

But in all seriousness the session went well, too well as I actually had the winning photo’s taken within 10 minutes of starting the shoot but I shot a few more just in case, however when it came to editing there were too many good ones to choose from and I had to be pretty ruthless when selecting my final few for going to print, which I think is something I need to consider for all sessions in the future, once I know I have the winners, be happy and go home.

Click on any image below to view it on a bigger scale.

There were a few lessons learned for any future Pet Portraits but overall an enjoyable session and look forward to any other sessions.


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