Kilchurn Castle

Kilchurn Castle

Kilchurn Castle was built in the mid 1400’s by Sir Colin Campbell, 1st Lord of Glenorchy and initially built as a home rather than a defensive stronghold as most Castles are. It’s original build saw a 5 storey tower house and courtyard with additional building being added in the 1500’s and 1600’s. The Castle is now reached via the mainland but was originally built on an Island Elankylquhurne (Island of Kilchurn) and was only accessible via an underwater causeway until the water levels were altered in 1817.

The Castle was later occupied by the MacGregor clan and then became a government garrison during the Jacobite rebellion and was abandoned shortly after a storm in 1760 when lighting blew the turret off the tower which still lies upside down in the courtyard to this day.


Kilchurn Castle

In the image above I wanted to show the path leading upto the Castle in one of the photo’s using it as a lead in line and had taken one from further back but the Castle was too small in the frame so I moved a bit closer, actually a lot closer and zoomed in slightly to fill the frame for a tighter crop on the Castle itself but leaving enough of the surrounding landscape to allow the viewer to create a scene in their mind as to what the surroundings may be like.

Kilchurn Castle

In the above image I moved back slightly and shot for a Long Exposure due to the overcast day. This image was my backup image and only for 1 minute as the 2 minute exposure was completely ruined by the gusts of wind that were blowing through. I wanted to show more of the landscape surrounding the Castle here, especially Loch Awe and more of the hill to the right but I didn’t like the power lines that were running through the hill and felt that they would have taken some of the historic/aged feel away from the image so composed more for the Loch.

More information on Kilchurn Castle can be found at the Historic Scotland site.


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      1. I was with another photographer on a course… Sent he knew how to get into position…. Basically, you need wellies, walking pole, to help in case you get stuck in the mud.! Park on the A819 and hoof it across the ground…. I’m glad he knew where he was going.

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