Milky Way from Islay

Milky Way from Islay

Seen the forecast was looking clear for tonight so I headed out with the camera for some practice on capturing some Milky Way from Islay images which I feel fits well into The Daily Posts WPC: Extraordinary this week.

A quick check on the moon state indicated a waning crescent and should be set by 20:17 so it should be a nice and dark night sky, actually it was too dark lol my plan ‘A’ got changed to plan ‘B’ when I headed down to the first location.

I was intending on using Laggan bridge as my lead out lines in the image however when I got down there, man I couldn’t see a thing, even with my head torch on I didn’t fancy the walk through the fields to get there so plan ‘B’ kicked in.

I did take one image whilst I was down there but I’m not really that happy with it as the glow from the Irish coast in the distance is too bright for my liking and reflecting too much off the atmospheric particles above it.

Laggan Estate Milky Way

Plan ‘B’ meant I headed for some peat tractors that I have photographed in HDR before to use them as my foreground interest, lighting them up with my torch so they were not just a silhouette against the skyline and providing some interest.

Milky Way from Islay

I was a lot happier with this image and edited it a bit warmer than I have done in the past for Milky Way shots and personally I like the warmer tones.

Now I’m looking forward to those clear, crisp baltic winter nights to come in so I can get more practice done as I have a few images floating around in my head now.


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