Saligo Bay Sunset in HDR

Saligo Bay Sunset in HDR

I haven’t done much landscape photography in the past few months so to try and rekindle my appetite for it I decided to head to the West Coast of Islay and capture a Saligo Bay Sunset in HDR.

Sailgo Bay is an amazing place to visit, if not for taking photo’s then for a nice walk. Each time I visit it’s landscape changes and offers those capturing images a different perspective on each visit.

On this trip I had decided that I hadn’t done HDR for a while so my main intention was to get a High Dynamic Range image from the shoot due to the sunset and wanting to capture as much detail as possible in the foreground.

On this trip there were other like minded folks on the beach taking photographs so I was restricted to where I could setup, however I opted for capturing some of the many rocks on the beach in the foreground with the sun setting behind them.

Saligo Bay in HDR

I did do a few long exposures that I will post in due time however due to the brightness of the light I was getting some bad lens reflection off my filter which ended up ruining most of the long exposures, starting to think I need to upgrade my filter kit 🙂


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    1. Thank you Ighoelson. I have to hold my hands up and say for me cell phone photography isn’t for me, I much rather a real camera of some sort where I can have more control. I’m not so sure about older cell phones but certainly smartphones from the last few years can take reasonable sized images but you are restricted to what you can do artistically with them. Photography is not that hard to get to learn, I encourage you to go for an old dslr and some lenses and look up some lessons online or a second hand book if you don’t like doing it online, after you get the hang of the dslr you’ll then want to edit the images but that’s for later 🙂 let me know how you get on.


    2. my take on this is that you just might want to buy an older smart phone. It does everything for you. If you want to edit on your computer later, you can. It won’t be “fine art” photography, but you get some good effects. And less money than a dslr and some lenses. And you don’t have to lug all those lenses around in your bag. You just pull your phone out of your pocket, bam…you got the shot. But that’s just me…a man tired of lugging all that gear around.

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      1. I can see where badfish is coming from, and I have to admit I do haul a lot of kit around with me, various lenses, filters, tripods, clothing etc but it depends on what your going out to shoot I suppose. The camera will be fine if your happy with the minimum control over


      2. Pressed the wrong button there, using my phone lol there you go, too fidgety, as I was trying to say the phone has minimum control over the photograph but if it’s just snap shots your after then go for it.

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  1. Great shot! I took my first long exposures this summer as well. I never thought I would find interest in it but it has something really calming. I still have a long way to go but I am really enjoying it.

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    1. Thanks Nathalie, I’ll pop over for a wee look. I love doing long exposures, any time I go out I always try to get one in so the 10 stop is always packed, I normally edit them for B&W in the end as I prefer them that way but not always suited.

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      1. I haven’t posted any of my long exposures yet. Will do soon. I have been pretty slack with my blog this year, trying to get back on track. The positive part, I have a lot of photos in the pipeline, just waiting to be posted. I recently bought a 10 stop filter. I only need and external remote control to avoid any tiny shakes.

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      2. Look forward to seeing them, I use my intervalometer all the time when my camera is on the tripod, it’s velcro to my tripod constantly lol I know the feeling about the blog, been the same myself these last few months.

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