Face In The Paps of Jura

Face In The Paps of Jura

I took this one a while ago when I was over on Jura but never posted it as I feared being slated for it but posting now as I haven’t posted for a while and it fits in nicely with Cee’s Which Way Challenge, as you can see the image is taken from the start of Evan’s Walk but please tell me you can see the face in the Paps of Jura also!

Face In The Paps Of Jura

Or do I just have an active imagination? No I can definitely see a face, a profile shot (side on) in the hill, head, eye and nose!!!

Anyway Evans Walk is the walk that was constructed for Henry Evans in the 1880’s to allow him to cross the terrain to his lodge on horseback as he only had one leg where he carried out his studies on deer management.


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