Hyacinthoides non-scripta

Hyacinthoides non-scripta

This week The Daily Post are asking us to share an image of something that we saw or did ‘on the way’ from one way to the next, which led me to sharing this image of a Bluebell that I took whilst out walking one day which was obviously captured en route to my destination.

I have got to admit I’m taking a real liking to the Floral Photography at the moment, it’s giving me a nice break from the Landscape genre that I seem to have taken a bit of leave from at the moment. The images are being taken with one of my macro extenders on just to add that little bit more depth of field and to allow me to get in a bit closer at times when  required.

As sad as this may sound but this is actually turned out to be one of my favourite images lol especially the black and white. The post edit in Lightroom has given it a real abstract feel to it which is why Lightroom has become my favourite editing software now as this really only took me 5-10 mins to edit and that was it, and no presets used either, although I have to admit I do know my workflow off by heart now with tweaks here and there for each image.

Taking the photo was easy also, it was lit naturally, although you may think by looking at the image that there was some artificial lighting involved but I can assure you there wasn’t, and to remove the noisy background I used a dark coloured folder that I had taken with me in my bag just in case the opportunity arose! One thing I will need to get is a spray gun of some kind to spray fine water drops on the flowers just to finish them off.



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