Machrie River, Islay

Machrie River, Islay

I’d thought about photographing The Machrie River, Islay for a while but just where and and what time was the challenge. This image was a spontaneous shot and the result of a very unproductive shoot earlier in the day and I was on my way back to the car when I decided to try a Long Exposure from a dune that looked pretty sheltered from the wind that the shore was getting hit with.

My original plans for this shot were obviously to do a sunset shot and I may yet return to do that when the conditions are right for it but all in all I’m actually fairly happy with the way this one turned out, I had also considered other locations up river but when you have a river running out to sea creating beautiful lead in lines and implied curves then you can’t let that go to waste.

The River runs down between The Machrie Golf Course which is a links course designed in 1891 by Willie Campbell and Islay Airport which provides scheduled flights to and from Glasgow and Oban.

The river is deeper and wider than this image suggests, and if you are walking the beach and intend to cross the river then wellies are recommended as it is deep in the middle especially after the rain, which Islay does tend to get it’s fair share of.



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