Dragon Fossils

Dragon Fossils

A recent walk around Loch Skerrols, Islay, Argyll gave me a few interesting snaps for the photo bank but none more so that this image that fits in rather nicely with The Daily Posts Theme this week of Forces of Nature as during my walk I thought had I stumbled upon some dragon fossils, but of course I hadn’t and to fit in nicely with the Forces of Nature Theme my dragon was nothing more than a log that had been up-rooted by a gale.

It could of course be seen as a horse but I’m going for a dramatic effect here lol, but I’ll let you decide yourself what you think it is. I have edited one of them black and white also for the dramatic, abstract effect as I do like a black and white photo.

The more I look at these images the more I see the resemblance of one of the two, I can definitely see an eye socket, an ear, nostril, and a long neck as if it is in a lying position almost on its side, whats your thoughts?

Anyway the rest of the walk was interesting with some floral photography and bird photography shots so stay tuned by hitting the follow button or following me on Facebook (up top) to see the results of those images, trust me I’ve started on a Bluebell image that could well be my favourite floral image thus far, I may need to get it printed although the wife will refuse as it won’t go with our colour scheme!!!

Till the next time/theme 🙂


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