Kilchoman Bay Shipwreck

Kilchoman Bay Shipwreck

A few nights ago (1st of may 2015) I decided to get out with the camera after seeing the forecast to get a sunset, where to go was my dilemma! A quick check on the tide times showed that they were at low tide at 11:30pm and with sunset at approx 9:00pm I figured that would give me a good shout at getting some good shots of the Kilchoman Bay Shipwreck.

So, that was that, decision made and off I went. With Islay coming into the tourism season I wasn’t to hopeful to have the beach to myself and was expecting to have other photographers around the shipwreck as has happened in the past but surprisingly there was only one other person there walking the beach, and more importantly my guesstimate was spot on!!! The tide was just starting to go out past the wreck, en route I decided that I wasn’t going to do a long exposure as I had already done some long exposure’s of the shipwreck before, as can be seen here.

So with the sun still high I decided to check out some rock formations just to see if they could change my mind on my subject for the shoot but after wasting about 10 minutes I decided to head back and go for plan ‘A’. The sun was still fairly high when I started firing off some images as I just couldn’t wait any longer and the lend flare was evident and bad silhouetting, which both are nice if intended but they were not what I was wanting so a slight change of angle and shooting in High Dynamic Range (HDR) soon resolved that issue.

Once I got bored with that angle I decided I just could not do a long exposure, it’s just my style! So I re-positioned as the sun was still setting and above the horizon and I could only manage a 150 second exposure on this image, which was good enough for the conditions and entered for Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: Abandoned or Alone where Cee challenges you to capture an image that is ‘Anything from a solitary person to a dilapidated old building or car.  The world is full of things alone or abandoned items.  Or maybe somewhat that was once abandoned and rescued or restored.’ Hence I am using the shipwreck that was left abandoned.


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  1. The long exposure in Black & White does it for me , great shot

    PS, again i sent you the information, you had asked, and still it appears to have disappeared, i’ll just email it.


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