Germander Speedwell

Germander Speedwell

I’m continuing my use of my macro tubes with this weeks theme of ‘Intricate’ where I have done some macro photography of a Germander Speedwell flower…not usually my thing but quite liking the close up photography at the moment and this image and edits fall in nicely with the daily posts theme this week.

Germander Speedwell
Germander Speedwell

Firstly I’ll hold my hands up and admit I did not have a clue what type of flower this was and spent at least half an hour searching on line for the name of it, what a loser I know but there you go, actually it’s latin name is Veronica Chamaedrys but I find Germander Speedwell easier to pronounce 🙂

I have to thank my neighbours for allowing me use of such a lovely small flower, and it is small, only a few cm in circumference, anyway I warned my neighbours not to be surprised if one morning they wake up draw their curtains and there I am sprawled out under their bedroom window with the camera like some voyeuristic pervert as this was where they were growing!

According to wikipedia the herb has been used in the traditional Austrian medicine internally (as tea) for treatment of disorders of the nervous system, respiratory tract, cardiovascular system, and metabolism…well there you go.

I hope you like the images, I actually had a lot of fun taking them and the extension tubes are now in my kit bag with me everywhere I go for that opportunistic shot.

The Black and White will be entered into Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness so check out her site.

Germander Speedwell
Germander Speedwell
Veronica chamaedrys
Germander Speedwell

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  1. Cool pictures, i am into the Macro photography as well, as it is addictive, once you start.

    PS, you asked me a few questions on another Blog post, i did answer them all, but don’t now if the “post” disappeared into the “ether”.?

    What is that “light effect” called, that you have used in one of these photo’s, i keep seeing it around the internet, but don’t know what it is called (if it has a name)


    1. Hi Douglas thanks for the comment, I never got your previous reply, not sure what happened there as I was looking for your reply to see if you had put in any links. I’m getting more into macro, it’s pretty cool. The image you refer to isn’t really a style it’s a plugin for photoshop that I can’t remember the name of off the top of my head and I’m on my phone at the moment.


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