Back Garden House Sparrow

Back Garden House Sparrow

In response to The Daily Posts WPC: Motion This week I’m posting an image taken a while back of my neighbours back garden house sparrow, or sparrows should I say, I was holding on to this as I was going to create a gallery but haven’t really been out much lately and felt this image fitted in nicely with this weeks challenge.

As the author of the post Jen H says ‘Capturing motion is a beautiful way to convey a story in a photograph, sometimes even more so than a photo of the same subject in a stationary pose. Some situations lend themselves to “action” photography; sports, dance, the wind gusting through trees on a stormy evening, but anything that can move is a candidate for these types of shots. Some people even capture the movement of our planet by photographing star trails!’…something that I have been saying to myself for long enough that I need to give a go.

Anyway, I had decided to give backyard birding a little attempt, taking advantage of my neighbours feeding station and regular activity that it gets and I have to admit it was fun, although not enough to make it my main genre, having read how serious some people take it.

Back Garden House Sparrow
Back Garden House Sparrow

These little House Sparrow’s were fast, I was capturing these at 1/800th of a second and still capturing some motion in the wings. It was interesting watching them queue up at the feeding station, I was expecting there to be some fighting but there wasn’t especially considering there were different species there, off the top of my head there were Blackbirds and Starlings at the same time, they waited patiently until they could get in to feed, didn’t wait too long, quick feed then flew off, perhaps us humans need to take a few lessons lol.


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