Rain Drop Macro Photography

Rain Drop Macro Photography

I recently decided to buy some of the cheap macro extension tubes for macro photography to see what sort of results that they would produce which timed in nicely with Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge Close Up’s. So needless to say once they arrived I was itching to give them a go so I decided to get out the back garden one morning after a shower of rain passed to get some rain drops on the grass images and see the if they were any good.

I was a bit sceptical as these only cost £18 compared to £350 for a Canon macro lens with the purpose of the tubes to move the lens further away from the sensor therefore magnifying the image (the easiest way I can think of explaining it is if you have a torch and shine it close to a wall and move it further away the larger the circle gets, but the less sharper the circle gets also, same applies here).

Anyway the tubes come in 3 parts, 13mm, 21mm and 31mm…what the heck I thought I’m going for all three just to see what I can get. I fired the tubes on to my Canon 550d and 18-55mm kit lens that has macro capability up to 0.25m and went hunting for a suitable raindrop and blade of grass!

Seconds later a candidate was found and I was on my knees rocking back and forth like a praying madman trying to get focused, I tried automatic focus to see if that would work but no chance, obviously the whopping £18 didn’t cover the electrical circuitry to add AF so a quick change to manual focus at 18mm and focused out and still no image in focus…WTF! So I started to zoom out and started to get an image in focus at around 30mm, and boy was it filling the frame.

Weather conditions were starting to play up with the wind whirling round my garden and when you are trying to make micro focus adjustments and this level you really don’t need a breeze messing around with your subject so I ended up grabbing a plant pot from the garden and taking it into the kitchen…you can imagine my wife’s reaction when she came in to make a coffee and I’m set up with lighting, tripod’s, plant pots etc blocking her from her caffeine hit lol

Well I hope you enjoy the images as much as I did taking them as macro photography isn’t something I do often but I really should do more of especially when I don’t get out to do landscapes a much as I would like as the beauty of macro photography is you can take some awesome photographs in your own garden/kitchen lol.


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  1. Great Shots ….. I also got extension tubes for my 4/3rds camera and like nothing better than getting the fine spray gun out, getting in the grass and plants and doing raindrops …. so much fun. In fact on Sunday afternoon, i was on my stomach on the lawn with my new f0.95 voitlander lens and getting cracking shots.


    PS, like the new website


    1. Thanks Douglas, it was great fun and need to do it more. Do you have a website, think I may see your images on G+ or could be someone else with the same name. I checked out that lens, some piece of glass, especially with macro tubes on, add some links to the images as would love to see them or send them in a PM if you don’t want to have the link public. What 4/3rds are you shooting? I bought a canon sx50 not long back, I have added the chdk hack to it to increase its functionality and really like it. I need to get a spray gun but as you know living in West Coast of Scotland we are never short of rain lol.


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