Corran River Jura

Corran River Jura

A recent trip to Jura offered me the chance to give the Island a little reconnaissance and capture some of it’s stunning scenery and wildlife rather than tackle one of the Paps of Jura, which will come and I wasn’t disappointed with the scenery offered towards the paps from the Corran River.

Corran River to Beinn Shiantiadh
Corran River to Beinn Shiantiadh

I had decided to move a bit upstream to get better composition as I had seen the way the water was breaking over the rocks from the road and decided that was looking better than what I was getting.

The Corran River in this image leads was composed as a lead in line to lead you up to snow covered Beinn Shiantaidh (One of the Paps at 2484ft) passed Corr Bheinn (1886ft) on this fresh morning, shot for 2 minutes and edited also in black in white to accentuate the long exposure which I’m posting to Monochrome Madness, however I also like the colour version so I have also put it into the post.

Corran River to Beinn Shiantiadh
Corran River to Beinn Shiantiadh

As I said I used the trip to get around the Island for a bit of a recce and probably didn’t really make the most of it due to the showers but I did capture some great wildlife which I’ll keep for another post, but here are just a few of the other images from the trip.

The Three Arch Bridge at the start of one of the route to walk the Paps.

 Three Arch Bridge
Three Arch Bridge

A lovely waterfall just outside Craighouse. I did move down closer but the water spray was really bad and ended up causing the captured image to be unusable which is a shame as it was a better image so had to settle with this one.

Craighouse Waterfall 0892 web
Waterfall at Craighouse



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