Jura from Ronachan

Jura from Ronachan

Not a planned shot of Jura from Ronachan but one of these when you see the light you realise that you just got to stop and get the shot.

Normally I would have done a long exposure on this but as I said this wasn’t planned and I never had my tripod with me but when I seen the orange light from the setting sun breaking from behind the clouds and wrapping around the the paps, Jura was certainly looking at her best.

Jura from Ronachan

It’s certainly on evenings like these that you appreciate the Kintyre Peninsula for all the scenery it has to offer, especially with Jura and Islay out to the West on a fairly clear evening to take in a stunning sunset.

Also for my regular followers I hope you like the new look? It took me ages to find a new theme I liked but in the end I settled for this one but this is by no means the finished article, I’ll be tweaking the theme as I go along to my liking and as I learn a bit more about it so expect changes here and there along the way.

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