Port Charlotte Pier

Port Charlotte Pier, Islay

In response to The Daily Posts Challenge this week I’m posting another image of a crashing wave hitting Port Charlotte Pier during a storm. The theme for this weeks challenge is Reward and I find this image fits well in this category as this is my reward for getting out of my car during the gales and hail stones to get a better vantage point than my last image and now that I have edited this one I’m not sure which one of the two I prefer…

Port Charlotte pier during a storm.
Port Charlotte pier during a storm.

Sometimes having the difficulty on choosing a preferred image from a shoot is reward enough I suppose but it does feel better when you do make decisions out on a shoot to move 10 feet to the left, find a higher vantage point or even wait until the sun goes behind the clouds and your image looks a lot better and it was all down to your own choice of not leaving until you were happy with what you got.

My choice here was to use Port Charlotte Pier as a lead in line to the wave which works well, I also like the juxtaposition of the stormy weather, crashing wave against the safety of the lighthouse in distance. Had it not been so windy my initial hopes were to do some slightly longer exposures to catch some movement of the wave so I could trail it hitting the Pier and exploding out, but it was way to windy for that.

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