Campbeltown Portrait Photography

Campbeltown Portrait Photography

For Nancy Merill’s Theme this week she asks we share a photo of siblings so I’m sharing a photo from a Campbeltown Portrait Photography session of three sisters…my own daughters lol, this was taken not that long ago as a gift to the Grand Parents as a thank you to them for looking after the girls and helping us out so much when we need them to so these got mounted and framed before being given to the Grand Parents, which is an option I do offer in my Portrait Sessions when anyone wishes to buy a print.

Anyway the shoot went really well considering the age range and how mischievous my children can be, however over the years of doing Portrait Photography in Campbeltown and throughout Argyll I’ve learned a trick or two on how to deal with kids and when to and when not to try and get the shot done.

Campbeltown Portrait Photography
Campbeltown Portrait Photography


To view more from my Campbeltown Portrait Sessions and other area’s then visit my Portrait Portfolio and feel free to Contact Me for a quote or for more information



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  1. They are adorable – reminds me of my own childhood photos. We would have a photographer come to our home and we would have to pose. On of my sisters always managed to cut her own fringe in time for this great event every year.


    1. Lovely memory Raewyn and for me that’s what portraits of your kids are all about. My wife and I decided to make it an annual event also just so we can see them grow and change by comparing the images as they years go by, although I’ll be hiding the scissors from them lol


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