View From Claddach, Islay

A View From Claddach, Islay

An image taken a few months ago down at Claddach, Islay looking out towards Rhinns Lighthouse during a stormy period that hit the UK but fits in well with The Daily Posts WPC: Rule Of Thirds this week as the challenge suggests you are to compose your subject according to the rule of thirds, which I have done using this image from Claddach, Islay.

For the benefit of those of you that follow me and are not into the technical and theoretical side of photography and without going into a lesson on composition one of the basic rules a photographer follows is composition (where to position there subject in the camera frame), and within this there are various rules, of which the rule of thirds is probably the most popular and easiest to follow.

Anyway, the main subject in this image is Rhinns Lighthouse off in the distance from Claddach, however when you look at the size of the lighthouse in comparison to the size of the image you may ask how is that is supposed to be the main subject, but I think I have used a few tricks as well as the rule of thirds to enable the lighthouse to become the main subject.

A View From Claddach, Islay.
A View From Claddach, Islay.

All in all I was quite happy with my first trip down to Claddach although perhaps next time I go down I’ll make sure I can stand up straight long enough to take an image as I was actually wanting to to do a handheld panoramic here but there was no way I could stand still long enough, nearly lost my door when getting out my car!


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    1. Thank you Raewyn, very kind of you. It is a nice view but I didn’t make the most of it so will have to take another trip down there at some point.


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