Knockangle Point Wave

Knockangle Point Wave

I decided to spend a few hours down at Knockangle Point, Isle of Islay, Argyll, Scotland trying to recapture an image I caught a few years ago but lost the raw file to and only have the edited jpg file. It was also another opportunity for me to give my new grad filters a trial run, in fact this was to be a dual trial as I was also going to trial the camera I bought last year specifically for Time Lapse Photography a little run for its money.

The forecast was favourable, for a few hours at least with showers not forecast until about 1300 so I headed off with a plan in my head as to where I was going to position and where I was going to position the Pentax for the Time Lapse. The Time Lapse being a trial was mainly that and I had hoped for the main subject to be the waves crashing against the rocks that I was photographing, but the more I watch it I think because I’m in the Time Lapse I actually become the main subject, but that said the movement of the clouds also grab your attention, I’ll let you decide, the Time Lapse is at the bottom of the post.

James Collett Photographing at Knockangle Point, Islay.
James Collett Catching the Waves.

However I was pretty impressed with this little camera and it’s capabilities. I haven’t used it much for landscapes since I got it last summer as I never had a Pentax lens for it but recently bought a 5-15mm for it and I have to say this camera will be going everywhere with me in my pocket from now on. Up until now I had been using my EF fit lenses on this via an adapter for shooting wildlife with mixed results (will post results at a later date), as when these lenses are on this camera it offers you a crop factor of 5.5 x what the lens would on a full frame, ideal for wildlife that don’t like you getting too close, but a nightmare for hand-holding and focusing as everything has to be done manually, also the aperture is set before you put the lens on and fixed. Anyway enough of that, the image above is one of the files from the Time Lapse images from Knockangle Point and is the wave that I edited below. (To view images on a larger scale just click on them)

This image never turned out the way I had hoped, I’m actually very disappointed with it. After studying it

Knockangle Point 'Geyser'
Knockangle Point ‘Geyser’

I have came to the conclusion that I was too square on to the wave here and not getting enough of the front of the wave. An exposure of 1 second should have given the effect I was after (looking to drag the wave) as the waves were coming in pretty fast as it was fairly breezy and they were crashing up into the air a decent height.

Anyway after a few hours of losing time I decided to try some long exposures, I wasn’t too confident of getting anything worth editing here, as I said the wind was fairly breezy and the lens I had on didn’t have any Image Stabilization but I still gave it a go none the less. A quick check on the exposure gave me a rough indication that I could get 2 minutes at a push, as long as the sun didn’t start to break out from the broken layer of clouds and overexpose the clouds in the image. The first few attempts at long exposures didn’t

Milky Knockangle Point, Islay.
Milky Knockangle Point, Islay.

go too well as I combined my new grad filters with my other filter but the reflection I was getting from my lens was awful, and after some thought I think this may be due the fact that it is aspherical and not flat and not to bore you with a lesson on refraction but there is just too much glass for the light to go through. So in the end I removed the grad filter and still managed a 2 minute exposure for this image.

So not an unsuccessful day and gives me an excuse to return at a later date to catch the wave again, or create the ‘Geyser’ effect as I like to call it. Below is the Time Lapse taken at Knockangle Point which is approximately 600 images rendered together with 3 seconds between them. I had set the camera to take 800 images but the battery died on me as I had been using it the day before and obviously the really cold weather ate into it also, may be a good thing as not long after it died a big wave comes up on to the rocks I’m on and I panic a bit grab the tripod and ready to run for it lol


Well I hope you liked the Time Lapse as my intentions are to do a lot more this year with this little camera, I’ll need to see what it’s night performance is like to see if it will handle a Time Lapse of the Milky Way, surely not!


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