Davaar Island at Dawn

Davaar Island at Dawn

One of my favourite locations in Campbeltown for taking photographs is the radio mast just down from Knockscalbert as it offers stunning views over Campbeltown, out to the West towards a setting sun or in this case out to the East looking towards Davaar Island at Dawn as the sun rises behind the Ayrshire Coast and the Ailsa Craig.

It’s a vantage point I intend to return to as one of my previous sunset image files from here became corrupt for whatever reason so it gives me a reason to get back up there and re-shoot it again as well as see if I can do a better job of the Panoramic than my last one.

I haven’t been to Davaar Island for years so I think a wee visit with the family is required, obviously a visit to the cave is a must but I would really like to get some images from the top and some Long Exposures round by the Lighthouse as I have some in mind of how I would like them to turn out. Oh for those of you that don’t know what I’m talking about, the cave I referred to is a cave on Davaar Island that has a painting of the crucifixion painted in 1887 in it by a local artist at the time which is a local attraction.

The Image

I shot and edited this image in High Dynamic Range (HDR), Well I suppose to be technically correct edited it in Low Dynamic Range (LDR) as once you convert to a 16bit TIFF it becomes an LDR file but we still call it HDR, think it sounds so much more awesome as HDR and perhaps is just a better sales pitch but anyway the technique enabled me to reveal a bit more detail in the foreground whilst retaining detail in the sky which was what I was looking for in this image as I had been doing a lot of silhouetting in my sunrises and sunsets  so I thought I would mix it up a little here and I’m really pleased with the outcome, well actually I’m not as I can’t make up my mind which one I prefer most…the more natural edit or the surreal edit! Click on the image to view it on a larger scale.

Davaar Island at Dawn
Davaar Island – You are My Sunshine
Davaar Island at Dawn
Davaar Island – You are My Sunshine








These images are entered into Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: You Are My Sunshine so take a look at her blog and see what others are posting.



5 thoughts on “Davaar Island at Dawn

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  1. Both are craking shots , I often have the same problem, after an edit, which do i like ! … anyway for what it’s worth i (think) i prefer the “more purple edit” … but both a great


    1. Thanks Douglas, yes that is currently my favourite also, but there are days the more natural edit is my favourite, hate it when that happens lol


  2. My preference is the bluer sky. A great shot and shows the value of getting up early in the morning. Personally, I’m not keen on starbursts, but it really adds punch to that photo. Nice one!


    1. A few people prefer the natural edit Patrick as I thought they would, as you said Photography is so subjective, I do prefer the more surreal edit myself as that is my personal editing style but don’t get me wrong I do like the natural one also. I know what you mean about the starburst, but I do like them and use them a lot. They way I shoot my lenses create them naturally, I end up enhancing or altering them in post editing depending on what lens I have used. The Tamron I have is a beast for it over f16, infact I make a point not to use it anymore as it can actually ruin an image depending where I position the sun in the frame, thanks for commenting.


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