Saligo Bay, Islay

Saligo Bay, Islay

An image taken a wee while ago at Saligo Bay, Islay just as the sun was getting low casting some nice shadows off the rocks down there. Saligo Bay offers some breath taking opportunities to capture some stunning sun sets or just a refreshing walk with great views out to the west and is always a popular destination for locals and tourists.

Saligo Bay, Islay
Saligo Bay, Islay

Definitely an area that I need to return to as it is ideally located for sunsets and has some nice rock formations about to catch some crashing waves off and to do long exposure photography from.

To see a sunset from the bay visit an earlier post of mine here or visit me on Facebook.


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  1. For sunsets you need to be careful at this time of year though. From late November to probably some time in February the sun actually sets behind the cliffs in the distance. To an extent you can avoid that by walking north a bit, but I suspect in December and January even that might not be enough. If you want the sun to set over the water come at another time 😉


    1. Very sound and wise advise Armin, and having walked the coastlines a bit now I also find myself stayin a good 10m to 20m from the edge after a slip when water was still running down the hill underfoot, as you can imagine I had dirty nails for a few days 🙂


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