Kilnaughton Bay

Dawn at Kilnaughton Bay, Islay

Still trying to get my head round this ‘New’ lens so I headed down to Kilnaughton Bay, Islay at Dawn for the Sunrise with the weather forecast the night before given reasonably clear skies from about 6 to 10 in the morning…LIES!!!, You would think I would learn though wouldn’t you, I mean I work in an Industry that relies heavily on weather forecasts so I kind of know not to take the cloud forecast that serious, anyway I wasn’t wanting no clouds just enough to let the sun through the horizon which I eventually got.

Kilnaughton Bay is a lovely beach on the South of Islay with a few self catering cottages plotted around the beach available all year round, there is also a ruined Chapel and cemetry known as St Nechtan’s Chapel on the West side of Kilnaughton Bay built in the 1400’s, more information can be found here. Kilnaughton Bay offers stunning views towards Port Ellen and towards Carraig Fhada Lighthouse in Easterly and Southerly directions affording you the pleasure of a beautiful Sunrise if you get up early enough.

Kilnaughton Bay as Dawn, Isle of Islay, Argyll, Scotland.
Kilnaughton Bay as Dawn, Isle of Islay, Argyll, Scotland.


I also shot some HDR Images whilst down at Kilnaughton Bay but still to get round to editing these, actually pretty funny story goes with this, embarrassing on my behalf to be honest. So, I’m down at Kilnaughton Bay shooting away and or couple of test shots to see what the exposure is at first shot was giving 8 seconds at f16…bit long for my liking on my 10 stop, no way I was waiting that long (2 hours 8 minutes, well I would need to reduce it due to the light coming up but anyway) so I changed a few settings, recomposed and got a better base exposure to work off, so a few test shots and I notice that the camera is taking a while to buffer my images, I noticed this the day before whilst doing some HDR shots so I thought perhaps it was something to do with that, then I went in for a 6 minute Long Exposure, but then the camera takes an absolute age to write to the memory card, I’m starting to think my card is failing and I don’t have a spare with me, so I’m on my knee’s (as I like to get a low perspective), with the sun rising, the ruins of a chapel behind me hands in the air…If anyone had been walking along that beach and seen me goodness knows what they would have been thinking, but just as well they couldn’t hear me because they would have known I wasn’t praying that’s for sure lol that poor camera was getting packed and sent back for repairs, and can you imagine my mortification when Canon get back to me and tell me I had left the Long Exposure Noise Reduction setting on…what a numpty! I can’t even remember switching it on, anyway it works great as there was very little noise in my Milky Way image shot at ISO 6400 for about 30 seconds.


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    1. Thank you Trish, if your ever in this neck of the woods definitely give Islay and the Kintyre Peninsula a visit, both well worth it.


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