Milky Way

Milky Way

So I headed out last night hoping to capture some of the Geminid Meteors that were bombarding the night sky lately, after the recent ‘Weather Bomb’ last nights weather was actually ok considering, with a waxing moon not rising till about midnight the Milky Way was very prominent in the sky…just as well.

I had seen one of the Geminid Meteors whilst at work, so I was full on anticipation and eagerness to get out with the camera and capturing these little rockets…however it turned out to be a rather unsuccessful shoot, although I did get some good Milky Way practice in, as this is only the third time I have tried shooting the night sky.

So I setup pointing in the direction that I saw the meteor from work, but after about half an hour of no shows, i did a 180 and faced the opposite direction, as I was setting up three of the damn things go shooting by…I could only laugh at my misfortune and bad timing, so after another half an hour I decided I was happy with the Twinkle of the Milky Way image below and grateful for the practice.

Milky Way, Isle of Islay.
Milky Way, Isle of Islay.

Image is posted to the Daily Posts WPC of Twinkle as I feel the ‘Twinkle’ of the stars fits nicely with their theme this week.



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      1. Thanks, James. Your settings will be a good reference for me if I have a chance to shoot the night sky and stars in future. Awesome photo … the stars are perfect for the Twinkle theme, but I guess most people think of Christmas lights instead 🙂


      2. Just bear in mind Jeremy I totally broke the 500 rule here so this image would be no use for print if I wanted to print it off, I was just trying to catch as much light as I could before the stars started to become more like trails, trial and error with your camera, settings and lens but google the 500 rule for more info, there is also the 600 rule but most agree 500 is the best.


  1. Superb …. That is on my hit list of things to do… But getting the right time and location is extremely difficult … Well done….. What we’re your camera settings for this image?


    1. Thank you Douglas,

      I have to agree with you, I find it hard to get the conditions needed for astrophotography to coincide with the moon, weather and work…but well worth it when they do. My settings were Canon 6d ISO 6400, F2.8, 31 seconds at 28mm.


  2. I know how you feel about missing the meteors. A while ago (think it was Oct last year or Apr this year) I was taking night shots in Saligo Bay. After a while I changed direction as I wanted a different perspective. I think just as I was taking the first picture in the new direction the most amazing meteor went over in the direction the camera was facing previously…..


    1. It’s very frustrating, but at least it gives us something of a challenge 🙂 I loved the Milky Way shot from Saligo you done, one of the frustrating things about my work is when I am on call I can’t venture to far away, especially out to the West Coast of Islay as I need a phone signal, and those are the nights that are usually good for night photography, typical. Will need to meet up with you next time you are over and meet face to face, but wouldn’t want to interrupt your plans as I know you do a lot when you are over.


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