Weather Bomb – Islay

Weather Bomb, Port Charlotte Pier

According to the weather forecast, yesterday was supposed to be the worst of the ‘Weather Bomb’ that we are getting hit with just now, so I decided to grab my camera and head out to see what opportunities there were for the taking! I had a few locations in my mind but I wanted to check out Port Charlotte Pier first, as it was on my way to one of the locations I wanted to get to, that being Claddach, an area I had never been to before but seen many other images taken from there so I had in my head an image that I would have liked to get from down there.

En-route to Port Charlotte I could see that Loch Indaal was a bit more rough than usual so I had high hopes for Port Charlotte Pier, as I drove into Port Charlotte the Loch in this area was pretty calm, my heart sank, then I saw the Pier, a few waves crashing about it but not what I had expected, then I noticed a Saltire being blown about like mad on a flag pole and when I seen the direction of the wind in comparison to the position of the Pier, I realised that the area of the Pier was getting too much cover from the wind…then ‘Bam’ all of a sudden…

Weather Bomb Wave Hitting Port Charlotte Pier, Islay.
Weather Bomb Wave Hitting Port Charlotte Pier, Islay.

Don’t mind if I do, and I’ll admit, taken from hanging out the passengers window of my car! The Weather Bomb was out to get everything. So i happily snapped away then proceeded to Portnahaven on my way to Claddach, I knew that there would be some awesome waves down this way due to the geographical location and the way the Weather Bomb was coming in.

I wasn’t wrong, the waves were huge!!! However due there being some heavy showers at the time I arrived in Portnahaven there was no way I was getting out of my car, I did get a few from inside and will edit and post these at a later date, so I headed for Claddach, which in the end did not work out for me, as I said previously I had an image in my head, when I got down there the view was good, but not suited to what I was hoping to capture, I was hoping to capture the huge swell from the Weather Bomb aswell as Orsay Lighthouse, I could have done this with a Panoramic but I could barely stay on my feet long enough to get one shot away never mind a panoramic, also the sun had started to shine through the clouds, leaving me with the option to silhouette or overexpose, all of these plus the howling gale I decided to head for home.

I’m posting this to Cee’s Black & White Challenge so if you haven’t seen her site before check it out and feel free to participate.


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