Wyre Majestic Shipwreck

Wyre Majestic, Bunnahabhain, Islay

I revisited the Wyre Majestic shipwreck a few weeks back as this was my backup shoot on this day as my original plans got ruined by clear skies and bright sunlight, not than I’m moaning about that! So a quick look at where there were some clouds and I was off down to Bunnahabhain for the Wyre Majestic Shipwreck to try and get some long exposures down there.

I had arrived just before mid-day and there wasn’t a lot of cloud about by the time I got down there so I wasn’t holding my breath for long exposures, that was for sure. I had shot the Wyre Majestic Shipwreck before, in HDR, which can be viewed here, and now that I look at these images I can see that my editing style has changed quite a lot since then and would definitely look different if I were to shoot it again in HDR.

Anyway, my aim here was Long Exposures, so a quick look at my base exposure and I knew I would be struggling with just the 10 stop ND filter on so I had to stack my filters, which was the first time I has actually done this with the 10 stop…and may be the last, especially with the cheap filter I used!!! So much light reflected off all the glass that the reflections were visible in the images which was very annoying but I did manage to salvage one image thankfully.

Wyre Majestic Shipwreck, Bunnahabhain
Wyre Majestic Shipwreck, Bunnahabhain

So with my filters stacked and swapped around so that the 10 stop was furthest away from the lens (seemed to work) I was able to get 371 seconds at f16, ISO 100. I would have preferred more clouds but they were blowing away pretty quickly as it was a bit breezy this day.


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