Soldiers Rock Islay

 Soldiers Rock Islay

I walked to Soldiers Rock Islay during the summer but just posting the images now as I wasn’t really happy with the image I done of Soldiers Rock and I was going to return to do it again, but I have decided to post it just now instead although I will return at a later date to get a better shot of it under different conditions.

A nice walk for those wishing to give it a go and I recommend setting off from Kintra following the track up the hill to Cnoc Mor Ghrasdail and basically follow the small stream down the small descent passed the abandoned village of Grasdale. If in the winter or after heavy rain I would also come back that way as if you come round the coast line there are plenty of bogs around there to get stuck in…trust me!

I believe Solders Rock gets it name by the shape the sea stack has taken over the years being pounded by the incoming waves as there is little information as to why it found it’s name around, and when you look at it it does have a distinct military shape to it.

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