Sunset at The Big Strand, Islay

The Big Strand, Islay

At approximately  7 miles long the Big Strand is the longest Beach on Islay and is fantastic for a fresh dreamy walk where you can lose yourself for an hour or so strolling along the gentle shoreline on occasion only to be interrupted by the odd Rabbit, Sheep, Cow, Bird or Dog Walker. With little protection form the elements it can get a bit fresh so warm clothing is advisable if out for a long walk and out of the summer months.

There are two rivers that flow down through the beach that are only easily crossable after a dry spell, which in the West Coast of Scotland is extremely rare, one is located at the Northern end of the beach almost at the end whilst the other is at the Southern side a short distance from The Machrie Golf course, depending where you wish you start and end your walk ‘Wellies’ are required if you are wishing to cross these rivers.

Sunset at The Big Strand, Islay
Sunset at The Big Strand, Islay

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