Jura from Ronachan

Jura from Ronachan

The Jura from Ronachan shoot has been on my mind for some time but just never really got round to it due to family commitments, weather and various other reasons but I set out last night armed with the latest forecast given few cloud and a possible good sunset, neither of which really came true as the few cloud was more of a broken layer moving westwards over Jura, and the sunset never materialised due to this and was actually pretty subdued.

Anyway a recent shoot at Ballochroy Standing Stones gave me a hint of where the sun would set from this location as they are very near each other, my main problem was getting a good vantage point without intruding on private land, not easy but there was about half a metre of a grass verge next to the main road which tested the nerves when looking through the viewfinder and hearing an HGV roaring up the hill.

I took a few shots in HDR and two long exposures, I have yet to edit the HDR’s but here is the 8 minute long exposure edited for a dramatic black and white to make the most out of the broken Stratus Cumulus cloud on it’s way over Jura from Ronachan whilst smoothing out the incoming water…

Jura from Ronachan
Jura from Ronachan

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  1. Really like this, cracking shot. I have had similar experiences trying to take a long exposure shot, right next to a railway line … Nearly knocked me off my feet, and almost sent the camera kit into the Clyde., when it thundered by. The things we do for a photograph!


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