UnPlanned Portrait

Nancy Merrill has set the challenge this week for an unplanned portrait, immediately an image I took of our 3 year old daughter about a year ago sprang to mind as it was just me playing around with the new nifty fifty and the settings on the camera but after editing it became a favourite of my wife and mine so it now hangs up in our hallway. This was in no way an intended portrait session, in fact I’m sitting on the chair here legs across the arms just chilling when she gave me this cheeky wee look, luckily she was lit by natural light falling in from the front window.


This next image however did come from a portrait session but I’m sharing it as with most of my portrait session with kids this age I don’t really pose them, I react to their actions. There is no way, no matter how good a photographer you are you are going to pose a two year old that doesn’t want to be posed, they are very few and far between but I caught this moment of Noah which is my favourite (as the photographer) from his shoot as it shows him being natural and happy and enjoying himself which is what a portrait session for a kid should be all about.



I’ve been shooting Portraits in Campbeltown and Islay for two years now so any viewers from these areas or close by wanting a Portrait Session done then please view my Portfolio and Contact Me for prices.

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    1. Thanks Nancy, something I find essential when taking a Portrait is capturing their personality, unless it was a more formal Portrait they were after, but with kids you take what you can get 🙂


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