Rhinns of Islay Lighthouse

Rhinns of Islay Lighthouse

Contsructed in 1825 by Robert Stevenson the Rhinns of Islay Lighthouse is situated on the small Island of Orsay off the south coast of Islay.

The Engineer used all his ingenuity in trying out new ways to distinguish one light from another. Rhinns of Islay was alternately stationary and revolving, producing a bright ‘flash’ of light every 12 seconds, without those intervals of darkness which characterise other lights on the coast. The cost of this lighthouse was between £8,000 and £9,000 and John Gibb of Aberdeen was the contractor for the splendid tower.

Provisions and other light stores were brought by boatmen permanently attached to the station and they also did the reliefs. Boats were normally located at the nearest point of land. Inevitably, these boats operated in stormy waters among strong tides, but accidents seldom occurred. In storms in 1877-78, however, attending boats were lost or seriously damaged by being swamped or driven ashore. 

In 1978 the light was changed to electric operation and this sealed beam light, mounted on a gearless revolving pedestal, has proved a real step forward in lighthouse illumination. 

The Rhinns of Islay lighthouse was automated on 31 March 1998.

The Rhinns of Islay Lighthouse
The Rhinns of Islay Lighthouse

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11 thoughts on “Rhinns of Islay Lighthouse

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  1. Beautiful shot. Lighthouses are strong relics in their own rights. Very rarely do they crumble in the face of a wild storm like boats. Great interpretation of this week’s challenge.


    1. Thanks Ross, it’s a beautiful Island and well worth a wee visit, book your accommodation early though as they can book out during peak season 🙂


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