Beinn Bheigier Walk, Islay

The Beinn Bheigier Walk, Islay was one that I had put off for a while but finally decided to give it go as the forecast looked good and there hadn’t been much rain recently so the going under foot would have been fairly firm, on the drive there all was going to plan. I parked the car at the mouth of the entrance of a path that leads you up part of the way as you can see below by the OS map snippet with my route painted on in red.

Beinn Bheigier Walk Route
Beinn Bheigier Walk Route

At 491 meters Beinn Bheigier is the highest hill on Islay and offers you some quite breath taking scenery, from inland Islay, to Jura, Gigha, ¬†Kintyre and as far as Ireland it offers you it all. The walk itself is fairly challenging but for a seasoned ‘scrambler’ this shouldn’t cause too many of a problem to reach the summit, however if you intend on doing the ‘Horseshoe’ route as I intended then things will differ.

As I began the walk I noticed a lot of low stratus clinging to the hill tops, although optimistic that the brisk breeze would blow this away I plodded on. About three quarters of the way up I stopped to take some images of the vista that layout in front of me (the images in the gallery below are in order so you can visualise the scenery on the walk up) with these images looking out towards Gigha and Kintyre. The stratus was showing no signs of shifting but onwards and upwards…I stopped briefly at the first summit at 456m for a few photo’s but opted to crack on to the spot height, which actually took me by surprise how far away it was, I never had a map with me and was ‘winging’ the route. (Enough waffling from me for now, if you have waited this long then please enjoy the images)

As you can see the stratus was pretty stubborn and only shifted when I had decided to come back down the same way I went up, I will try this again at some point as I want to take in the ‘horeshoe’ as well as McArthur’s Head Lighthouse which looks out towards Jura and Kintyre.

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