Glenastle Loch, Islay, Sunset Timelapse

My first attempt at Time-Lapse Photography is taken down at Glenastle Loch, Islay and diving straight in at the deep end with a sunset. Sunset set Time-Lapses are the hardest to capture due to the changing exposure settings of the setting sun, but hey I never do things the easy way! Although there are some errors in the Time-Lapse I am relatively happy with the outcome, but need lot’s more practise to get better at this.

This short 14 second clip is the result of 340 images, roughly 30 mins worth of shooting time put together for this video…hardly seems worth it when you think 340 images for 14 seconds but it is a nice change from normal photography. Keep your eyes peeled for the resulting still image edits.


3 thoughts on “Glenastle Loch, Islay, Sunset Timelapse

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  1. Fantastic. Makes me want to try. But I won’t. I haven’t even mastered night photography yet! You did a great job. I was going to say “for your first time” but you don’t need a disclaimer. You did a great job. Period.


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