Terrific Tuesday Trials: Alike – Feral Goats

A new photography challenge created by LenzExperiments has a theme of ‘Alike’ this week. For this theme I’m posting an image of two feral goats whilst walking to Soldier’s Rock, Mull of Oa, Islay. Trying to get close to these goats is extremely hard as they are so fast, nimble and agile, even on the rock face so I was zoomed in from afar on this one, even then as soon as I took two steps forward they were off and running down the hill, as you can see by the looks in their eyes they knew I was there and were on high alert. This image almost deserves a caption…feel free to leave any quotes.

Feral Goats, Islay
Feral Goats, Islay

Anyway I’ll be posting the images from the walk in due time so feel free to subscribe to my posts or follow me on any of my social media platforms by clicking on the floating icons in the bottom right of the screen to keep updated.


3 thoughts on “Terrific Tuesday Trials: Alike – Feral Goats

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  1. Wow! The first thing that strikes in this photograph is indeed the ‘expression’ given by the goats…the wide eyed alert look is very evident in both their faces. A very nice pick for the challenge. Thanks for participating!


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