The Daily Post: Between at Ardnahoe Loch

This weeks theme for the daily post is ‘Between’. For this I am posting an image taken a few weeks back at sunset, so this falls between day and night. The image was taken at Ardnahoe Loch, Isle of Islay, Scotland and is one of a few from that evening as the conditions were superb for photography, added to the stunning scenery resulted in some good shots from the shoot.

Ardnahoe Loch Boat, Islay
Ardnahoe Loch Boat, Islay

This is currently one of my favourite images, as soon as I saw the boat being kissed on the side by the setting sunlight I knew how I wanted to edit this.

I really like how the boat sits between the the dark reflections in Ardnahoe Loch in the highlighted water drawing you to it and it’s own reflection.

Another shot of the setting sun can be viewed here, or visit my Facebook Page to see more recent photographs from me.



20 thoughts on “The Daily Post: Between at Ardnahoe Loch

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    1. Thank Emilio, it was actually by luck I got this shot as this location was my plan ‘B’, as I ruled out plan ‘A, as I didn’t like the position of the sun when it was setting.


    1. Thanks Connie, yes it was I wanted to stay there all night, wish I had but I need to be elsewhere. I’m looking at doing some star trails this year so I may return here to do some.


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