The American Monument Islay

The American Monument Islay was built in 1920 by the American Red Cross to commemorate the loss of two troop carriers in 1918, The Tuscania and HMS Otranto, with a combined loss of over 630 lives between the two tragedies.

The Tuscania was sank by a German UB77 submarine as it sailed in convoy between Islay and Northern Ireland, with a loss of 230 lives on February 5th 19818 whilst HMS Otranto collided with a steamship HMS Kashmir on October 6th 1918, resulting in a loss ov over 400 lives. The monument is built overlooking the where The Tuscania sank and has two plaques on it to honours the lives of those lost, one of which you can see in the picture by The American Red Cross reads:

Sacred to the immortal memory of those American Soldiers and Sailors who gave their lives for their country in the wrecks of the transports Tuscania (Feb 5th 1918) and Otranto (October 6th 1918). The monument was erected by The American Red Cross near the spot where so many of the victims of the disasters sleep in everlasting peace”

“On Fame’s eternal camping ground,
their silent tents are spread,
while glory keeps with solemn round,
the bivouac of the dead.”

And the other by President Woodrow Wilson reads:

“On Fame’s Eternal camping ground, Their silent tents are spread, While Glory keeps with solemn round, The bivouac of the dead.”

The American Monument
The American Monument

The Monument is easily reachable by foot after parking in the RSPB reserve car park and only about a 10-15 minute walk from there along a track that has been man made and has wooden slats/pallets down on areas that require it. Once at the monument the views are quite stunning with Kintyre and Ireland easily visible…provided you are up there on a decent day :).You can walk in either direction taken you to Port Ellen or to Kintra in the other direction, although both ways can be a bit of a challenge at times under foot, but well worth it.

I have a few other images taken from this shoot as my intention was to capture The Monument against the setting sun, so if you wish to keep updated then please subscribe for my posts by using the subscribe box at the bottom or follow me on Facebook.


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    1. Thank you bananabatman, it was a vrazy evening. One half of the sky was clear and I was getting beautiful sunsets then Iturn round and see these clouds rolling over, and I’m a sucker for clouds so just had capture them.


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