Kildaloig Bay Flower

My take on The Daily Post’s Work of Art Theme is a manipulation of a flower I photographed some time ago down at Kildaloig Bay, Campbeltown, Kintyre.

Kildaloig Flower, Kintyre, Campbeltown.
Kildaloig Flower

I feel Kildaloig Bay Flower falls in nicely with this weeks theme as it is my artistic impression on the original photo and does fall into the old art/photography debate. I do believe that photography is a form of art and I know that there are some art painters will argue till they are blue in the face that it is not, and in a way I do understand where they are coming from, as not everyone who takes a photo has taken it an artistic vision and are really only trying to capture the scene to showcase they have been somewhere, however if you take your photography slightly more serious and start to edit in post editing I do believe that photography can be used just as well for artistic expression.

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Feel free to leave any comment or thoughts on photography as art.


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