Ardnahoe Loch, Islay at Sunset 2.0

A few more images from from my recent shoot at Ardnahoe Loch, Islay. This shoot was actually my plan ‘B’ as I wanted to get a sunset shoot at Finlaggan but judging by the time I arrived the sun’s position was that great so I headed down to Ardnahoe Loch hoping for a better vantage and I wasn’t disappointed.

I do like silhouetting subjects against the setting sun, I just like the look of it. I did however shoot 3 bracket HDR’s with the intention of at least editing them but once I had edited the silhouette’s there was no way the HDR’s were getting done. Adding my colour editing to the silhouette really emphasizes the silhouette and I feel and HDR image just wouldn’t have as much of an impact as they do edited the way I have done.

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Ardnahoe Loch, Isle of Islay.
Ardnahoe Loch, Isle of Islay.
Ardnahoe Loch, Isle of Islay.
Ardnahoe Loch, Isle of Islay.

9 thoughts on “Ardnahoe Loch, Islay at Sunset 2.0

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  1. Must admit I’ve never really thought of Ardnahoe as a location for a sunset, but these are brilliant! Can’t decide which one I like better either.


    1. Thanks Armin, it was great down there. The sun sets just in the right place as I setup on the shoreline just adjacent to the small pier.


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