Bowmore Harbour, Islay, at Sunset

My take on this weeks photo challenge: Let There Be Light. I opted for this as I love silhouette photography and I feel it fit’s in well with the theme this week as not only does it show the light source it also shows the effect of exposing for the light source (or there abouts in this image). This is one of my favourite silhouette’s taken earlier in the year of the setting sun silhouetting the village and pier of Bowmore, Isle of Islay.

Bowmore, Isle of Islay, Argyll, Scotland Silhouette
Bowmore Silhouette

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11 thoughts on “Bowmore Harbour, Islay, at Sunset

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    1. Thank you for commenting Cardinal Guzman, and the constructive comments in particular more than welcome. In hindsight I do agree with you, however at the time I took this shot I was trying different compositions to create more dynamic tension (by leaving a lot of negative space at the top of the frame) and by using the contrasting colours ratio of the blue v’s yellow/orange.


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