Autumn Colours on Islay

I had been putting this shoot off for a while now as I kept saying to myself ‘I’ll do that the next time’ but November has just crept out of nowhere so finally got out and captured what is left of the lovely Autumn colours. A walk on the Saturday and Sunday to Lossit Loch, Ballygrant Loch and Bridgend Woods enabled me to catch some stunning Autumn images. Out of the images I captured I chose and edited 16 of these in Photoshop and due to the high contrast in some of these images I bracketed a few to capture as much of the colour as I could and tonemapped these in Photomatix Pro. I am only publishing 4 of the images in this post so to see the remaining images please visit my Facebook Page.

Maple Leaf
Maple Leaf

I only noticed these as I was standing under a very small tree looking for some protection from the golf balls that were the hailstones that were bombarding the Island on Saturday. Medium depth of field here to blur out the background and to emphasize the focus on the furthest away Maple leaf, nice dark golden brown colours to the leafs which add to the abstract feel to this image.

The Tree's Path, Bridgend Woods, Islay.
The Tree’s Path, Bridgend Woods, Islay.

When I seen the branch arch over the path here I just had to capture this shot, almost as if the tree is trying to stop anyone pass. A nice mixture of green and yellow here with the path converging into the distance. A reasonably low sun to the side creating nice long shadows.

Golden Leaf.
Golden Leaf.

I really like this image, I took this image to colour contrast the warm golden hue of the leaf against the cold blue of the sky which I feel works really well. Also I love the texture of the leaf here, it invites you into to feel it almost. Again a medium depth of field focusing on the texture of the leaf with the focus fading of to the top up to the distant cold sky.

The Way Out, Bridgend Woods, Islay.
The Way Out, Bridgend Woods, Islay.

This is the path that leads you out of the woods to Bridgend, or into the woods depending how you begin your walk but what a way to begin or end it, Stunning colours, carpeted by the fallen leaves on the floor wrapped up by the long creeping shadows created by the low sun…gorgeous 🙂

Again folks visit my Facebook Page to see the remaining images from this set, I deliberately saved some of the good ones for my Facebook fans, so please take a visit, like and feel free to share any of the images.


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