Golden Hour at Machir Bay, Islay

Machir Bay, Islay

I took a trip up to Machir Bay earlier in the week before the deluge began with the intentions of doing a long exposure on the old ship wreck that barely juts out of the sand, however I didn’t check the tide times and arrived at completely the wrong time, so I settled for doing a sunset from the sand dunes instead.

I really wanted to catch the warmth from the sunset along the dunes and I think I managed that but the broken cloud layer was restricting the area’s that were getting hit by the light, almost a Lorraine lighting effect at times and you can see in the image that looks back across the beach the land in the distance is still very dark compared to the foreground.

All images were 3 bracket shots, tonemapped in Photomatix Pro and edited in Photoshop CS5.

Manual Blend Machir Bay Sunset2 web.
Machir Bay, Islay
Machir Bay Sunset looking North West web
Machir Bay, Islay
Machir Bay Sunset2 tmpd-Edit web
Machir Bay, Islay


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2 thoughts on “Golden Hour at Machir Bay, Islay

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    1. Thank you acuriosugal. As I said it wasn’t my plan to shoot that scene but always good to have a backup plan 🙂


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