Boats in Campbeltown Harbour in HDR

I’m sure we all know strictly speaking that after you tone map an image it then become a Low Dynamic Range Image, but HDR just sounds more awsome and is a better selling pitch for software and camera developers. The images below were all taken in Campbeltown Harbour at various times. My passion for HDR photography has been rekindled of late and thought I would post these images as I really like how HDR has allowed the minute details to come through, in particular on the fishing boats. Personally I love to shoot old rusty and well used subjects in HDR, this method just allows all the details to come through so much more.

Campbeltown Lifeboat 'Ernest and Mary Shaw'
Campbeltown Lifeboat ‘Ernest and Mary Shaw’

This image is almost 3D, I love all the details in the image. I like to use HDR to capture all the details, foreground, middleground, and background. Very rarely will I isolate a subject when I have shot an HDR image. I think the details of the building in the background add to this image, to me it’s still obvious that the lifeboat is the main subject due to it’s composition and colours. To see more about the lifeboat and station please visit here.

Fishing Boats, Campbeltown Harbour
Fishing Boats, Campbeltown Harbour

Another image where HDR has worked well (in my opinion). The details in the red fishing boat are just brilliant, and it shows the weathered look I was hoping to produce. I like the juxtaposition created by the boats and the sky, these boats are normally out in all weather getting battered by the wind, sea and rain but here they are resting calmy in the harbour with a threatening sky looming overhead.

Shipping Vessel Oceanic
Shipping Vessel Oceanic

This vessel is used to carry the wind turbines that are manufactured in Campbeltown worldwide, it is a fairly large ship for the harbour and is actually berthed next to another ship at the peir, you can just see the wheelhouse next to it. Another image shot in HDR to reveal the texture of the boat but a slight colour tinge in the sky which is quite common in HDR post editing (photomatix pro and photoshop), but I can live with that.

Click here to find out more about Campbeltown Harbour.

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