Wyre Majestic Shipwreck in HDR, Isle of Islay.

Wyre Majestic, Islay

I shot these images of the Wyre Majestic last year with the intention of editing them in HDR. Since taking and editing these shots my HDR editing has evolved slightly and if I were to edit these today I’m pretty sue they would look different. The images were tonemapped in Photomatix Pro and final edits done in Photoshop CS5. Anyway the boat is the Wyre Majestic a 338 tonne trawler built in 1956 that went aground 18th October 1974 just off Bunnahabhain on the Isle of Islay whilst heading from Oban to Fleetwood with her sister ship Wyre Defence to land their catch as they were unable to dock in Oban.

The Wyre Majestic hit the rocks at Rhuba a Mhail at full speed rupturing her fuel tank leaving her helpless in the tide, her sister ship tried in vain to pull her out and the crew remained with the Wyre Majestic for 10 days to try and free her to no avail, leaving her where she lies to this day another victim to Islay’s coastline.


Black and White Long Exposure image available to view here. 

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