Milky Way First Attempt

So having put off night photography for long enough I finally gave in and got out a few nights ago and gave it a try. I have to admit the images are not the best but I am ok with that as this was my first attempt and it was mainly an exercise to test my camera settings for shooting the Milky Way. In my defence I didn’t exactly go out in the best conditions with the best gear, the moon was very bright and I was only using a kit lens with an Fstop of 3.5, so high ISO was required which is why the images are a bit noisy. Please note that the images have been reduced in size for uploading to the internet so quality again took a bit of a hit there.

I took some of the images looking back over Bowmore as I wanted a point of interest, but trying to keep the exposure correct as the lights from Bowmore soon started to overexpose and blow out due to the long exposure proved troublesome, I did take an exposure for the lights but didn’t like how they blended in with the sky so I left them as they were.


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